Sailing from Hawaii to the Mainland, dolfins dancing around the boat entranced Benjamin. He had a vision.

In 1991, artist Benjamin Lucas found himself in Bali in answer to a mysterious call, following a dream.

In a local bar, Benjamin was overheard talking by a native. "I have a brother who knows of the perfect tree," he told Benjamin. "I will take you to him." The story began to unfold.

From deep within the Indonesian jungle, 20 barefoot men carried the massive trunk of white mahogany in slings back to their village. Armed with nothing more than some sketches on manilla folders and a few record album covers, Benjamin described his vision. The whole village became involved. Some were carvers. Some sharpened tools. Some made food. Everyone wanted to be part of the dream.

When all was said and done, Benjamin flew back to the States. The Peace Totem would follow many months later after the wood had cured. The Peace Totem arrived in Los Angeles in an immense teak crate, its contents swaddled in the clothes and photos of all who had helped.

The Peace Totem was first displayed in Benjamin's home in Laurel Canyon in Hollywood - the former home of Jim Morrison himself. Today, it is beginning the next leg of its journey: across the Unites States to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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An interesting annecdote to note:
The first bold letter on each page of the album is part of an anagram.

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